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Model range

The brand Cantieri Magazzu produces cuddy Cabin Boats and rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs). There are 1 model 10.9 meters.


The history of the company

The famous Italian naval architect Alfredo Magazzù founded the Cantieri Magazzù shipyard over 50 years ago. The company started with the construction of sailing boats. The first Alicudi model, designed in the 60s, was well appreciated by customers: about 140 units were produced.

By the 80's and 90's, the company was not just producing boats, but was often involved in the development of technologies in other industries. Today Cantieri Magazzù holds a large number of patents for inventions that are used in civil and military shipbuilding. The shipyard also worked on the research and development of a new seaplane model in collaboration with Aeritalia and Dornier.


Cantieri Magazzù continues its work and, in addition to designing and building its own boats, often participates in projects of other shipyards.

Production .

Cantieri Magazzù production facilities are located in Italian Palermo. The shipyard is equipped with modern equipment, and the construction uses quality materials and raw materials, so the boats meet high Italian quality standards.

Model range

The shipyard's portfolio includes luxury RIBs from 9 to 17 meters in length. They include comfortable tenders for superyachts with spacious sun beds and a caddy cabin. These boats can also be used as a separate boat for the weekend. It has everything you need for short journeys.

Open cruising yachts with one or two comfortable cabins, bathrooms and galleys are also available.


The Cantieri Magazzù shipyard offers stylish, fast and reliable boats. At the same time, the company does not limit the wishes of its customers, but tries to always meet them by offering custom models. Experienced designers and builders are ready to create any boat to order, whether it be small classical ranaebaut, a sailing trimaran, a motor yacht, etc..

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