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The brand O Yachts produces sailing catamarans. There are 2 models currently in production ranging from 13 to 21 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from O Yachts and contact us for sales and pricing information.

O Yachts Model Range

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History of the company

In 2012, shipbuilder Karlis Kalviss, naval architect Erik Lerouge and designer Clifford Denn under the direction of Joel Levy decided to create a new brand - O Yachts. All of them already had a lot of experience working with multihulls at that time.

At first the company did not have own building site and used services of contractors. By 2014, the brand gained popularity, which pushed the top management to buy the plant. The company acquired Angure Shipyard, together with which shipbuilders gained access to new technologies and expanded the model range.

Despite its young age, the shipyard has managed to prove itself on the international scene. In 2018 O Yachts Class 6 was nominated for one of the most prestigious awards for multihull manufacturers at Salon International du Multicoque.

Status .

Continues the work.

Production .

On 3000 sq.m of industrial premises there is a carpentry workshop, workshops for painting works, an assembly hangar, warehouses and many other things. Capacities of the company allow to create vessels with the maximum size of 65 by 12 meters.

The shipyard is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea in the village of Engure, one hour drive from Riga. Annually 2-3 catamarans descend from the slipways.

Model range

The O Yachts range includes GRP semi-deck sailing cruise catamarans. They have a modern exterior design that combines sharp angles with smooth, streamlined lines.

The exterior of the boats traces the outlines of luxury cars of the 60-70s.


The small production volume of O Yachts allows us to offer our customers quality and thoughtful catamarans. The company can brag of high residual cost of a boat at resale.

The shipyard also offers its customers a bank guarantee. The buyer can pay 15% of the value to the manufacturer, and the rest of the sum is transferred to the bank, which will transfer the money to the company's account only after the finished vessel is handed over to the client. Thus, the future owner is insured against financial losses.

O Yachts boats for sale
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