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790 Markham Dr Pulask, Wisconsin, 54162

The brand Carver produced enclosed yachts and flybridge yachts. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.

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History of the company

Carver Shipyard began its history in the homeland of the North American yachting industry, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where people from the Netherlands have managed to preserve traditional crafts. In the mid-1950s, Charles Carter and George Verhagen began building mahoganyrunabouts in Milwaukee.

At first, the small production was located in the garage and started as a hobby, but eventually, when rumors spread quickly about two young builders and the high quality of their boats, they decided to start a business.

The partners put together the first syllables of their names and founded the Carver shipyard.

Construction of wooden boats continued until the 70's, then the company, following modern trends in shipbuilding, retrained to fiberglass. New material allowed to build bigger constructions.

By the 1980s, Carver was acquired by new owners, enabling it to expand its sales beyond the Great Lakes region and become a recognized leader in the luxury motor yacht market on a national scale. During this period, the Aft Cabin, which has long been the hallmark of the Carver brand, was presented for the first time.

The 1990s saw the introduction of the elegant Voyagerlong series of cruising yachts as well as the Montego series. In 2000 the largest Carver yacht of that time, the 57 'Voyager Pilothouse', was presented.


Carver was acquired by Marquis-Larson boat group and permanently closed July 30, 2021

Production .

Carver offers a full production cycle from hull design to interior design. The boats at the shipyard are built according to the patented Caver Advanced Structural Technology (C.A. S. T. System), which allows full control of all processes. The production facilities are located in Pulaski in Wisconsin.

Model range

The company continues to take a leading position in creating spacious, productive and reliable world-class cruising boats from 10 to 16 meters in length. Carver Yachts offers fast closed cruising yachts with hardtop and flybridge models.

Features .

In the hull casting process, the shipyard uses its own vacuum infusion technology. With this technology, it is possible to pump the required amount of resin without excessive humidification, which makes the structure light and at the same time more robust. All external surfaces of the housing are treated with a special transparent paint to protect against UV radiation, which significantly extends the service life.

Discontinued Models


Browse video tours of the shipbuilding area and facilities at the Carver shipyard including open house day reports, dealer meeting reviews and behind the scene highlights of what makes Carver unique.

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