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New Zealand

Fitzroy Yachts produces custom built luxury boats in the superyacht market which are presented here. The shipyard has no current production line models available.



Company history

Fitzroy Yachts was founded in the mid-1990s in New Zealand and is widely known as the producer of aluminium megayachts. The company was part of a large holding company, Fitzroy Engineering. The shipyard was headed by Peter White-Robinson. Under his leadership, the firm was able to produce a number of yachts that became well known in the world yachting community.

Status .

The Company ceased operations in early 2014 due to financial difficulties and a fall in demand.

Production .

Fitzroy Yachts production facilities were located in New Plymouth, New Zealand. The shipyard had around 120 employees. The total area of the workshops was 5,500 square meters and allowed the simultaneous construction of up to four vessels with a maximum length of 53 meters.

Fleet .

The company's portfolio includes fast and comfortable luxury yachts from 25 to 50 meters in «length». One of the largest models is 50m Zefira, created in collaboration with the famous design bureau Dubois Naval Architects.


Fitzroy yachts are a rare combination of high seaworthiness and top level comfort. Reliable yet lightweight aluminium hulls provide good speed, while the participation of leading designers gives them a unique look and feel. In addition, these boats feature a powerful auxiliary engine that gives them additional independence from weather conditions.

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