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Van der Valk Shipyard

Industrieweg 45, Waalwijk, 5145 PD

The brand Van der Valk Yachts produces aft cabin yachts, aluminum yachts and is also active in the superyacht market. There are 3 models currently in production ranging from 19 to 30 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Van der Valk Yachts and contact us for sales and pricing information.

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History of the company

Today the shipyard Wim van der Valk, founded in 1967, is one of the leaders in the Dutch yachting industry. In the 70's she became famous in Europe for her Valkkruiser, Comfort, Royal, Falcon and Super Falcon series motor yachts. In the 80's the company's continued commitment to innovation and quality was reflected in the Vitesse range of steel and aluminium yachts. And the Continental I series, launched in the late 90's, became the shipyard's hallmark. These yachts are still in demand today and the number of hulls sold has reached far over a hundred. The company has a strong partnership with Volvo Penta, and when the latter announced the innovative Volvo Penta IPS engine system, it was an opportunity for the Dutch manufacturer to develop a model that fully meets the requirements for such engines. This is how the popular Continental II range of yachts was born.


It's working.

Production .

Motor yachts Wim van der Valk are being built in Valveika in the south of the Netherlands. The number of hulls handed over to owners each year is small, which is due to the high quality of the work done and gives exclusivity to the shipyard's products. The customer can be sure that his vessel is waiting for meticulous quality control and sea trials. The shipyard builds predominantly semi-delivered hulls with extensive component and system refinement capabilities. The customer is offered several interior finishing options, but he can also engage his own designer. For most models, the hull material can be chosen: steel for displacement, or aluminium for «faster» semi-displacement and gliding hulls.


The patented design of the Beach Club series 19-30m is a new look by Wim van der Valk at the distribution of space on board the pleasure boat, with its radically extended relaxation areas on deck. The yachts with a stern cabin of 15.5-21m, a classic of Dutch design, are assembled into the Aft Cabin family. The Flybridge series (25-28m) was the first to be designed for use with the innovative Volvo Penta IPS system, which, however, does not prevent it from working perfectly with a classic gross drive. The Raised Pilothouse series was launched in collaboration with Guido de Groot Design and includes models 25-32m long. The new Expedition series of expedition and research yachts represents the company's flexible approach to the design of this increasingly popular type of vessel.

Features .

The boats from Wim van der Valk are attractive for many reasons, but there are two particularly pleasant moments. The first is a rather moderate price. The second is the level of equipment of the boat as standard. In other words, the company offers semi-custom boats with a wide range of equipment at the price of traditional production yachts.

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