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The brand Tahoe produces fish & ski boats and outboard boats. There are 10 models currently in production ranging from 5 to 7 meters. The current model range includes 2 lines: Deck Boats and Sport Boats. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Tahoe and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Tahoe Model Range

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Company history

Since 1998 under the brand Tahoe pleasure boats for outdoor activities are produced, but in fact, the history of the company began in the distant 70's. At that time it was hard to believe that a small department of fishing goods, opened by John Morris, wouldbecome the basis of one of the largest shipbuilding concerns in the USA.

A young entrepreneur decided to expand his range with fishing boats.

Over time, the company has grown into a large deployed network of stores Bass Pro Shops. Further - more.

In 1978, White River Marine Group was established, which today owns many popular brands such as Tracker, Nitro, Regency, Mako, etc., as well as the White River Marine Group.

Status .

WRMG continues to produce Tahoe boats.

Production .

Tahoe boats and accessories, including trailers, are manufactured in factories located in southern Missouri, Arkansas, Miami and Oklahoma. WRMG's headquarters are in Springfield, Missouri.

Tahoe boats are sold through the Bass Pro Shops network in the USA and Canada, as well as through an independent network of dealers in more than 25 countries around the world.

Model range

The shipyard produces fiberglass fiberglass boats for fishing and water sports from 5-7 meters in length. The boats have received classical for their segment aggressive sports style. The model range is divided into three lines.

Fish series boats are designed for fishing in coastal waters. They are equipped with integrated cages, comfortable seats for fishermen and even a multimedia system. Sport boats are sports tugboats designed specifically for wakeboarding and water skiing. The Deck range includes bowriders with an extended bow for day trips.


Despite their small size, Tahoe boats offer their owners the comfort they deserve. Under almost every seat and below deck there are handcuffs for storing equipment and belongings, which helps to make the most of the free space for guests.

Also traditionally WRMG gives a good warranty on its boats. Thanks to certification of manufacture by company Mercury, on engines the two-year guarantee is given. One year is given for the whole boat and three years for the hull (limited warranty applies to manufacturing defects).