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The brand Valiant produces center console boats and outboard boats. There are 3 models currently in production ranging from 5 to 7 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Valiant and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Valiant Model Range

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Company history

Valiant Shipyard was founded in Portugal in 1995 and was originally engaged in the construction of specialized boats with inflatable sides. Over the next five years, the company has managed to prove itself well and has become very popular in European countries.

In 2000, the American concern Brunswick bought 49% of shares from the owners, and by 2005 became the owner of the whole company. The new owners helped the company to enter the overseas market and increase sales volumes.


Today the Valiant shipyard continues to produce RIBs for the private sector and special purpose models.


Brunswick concern uses its own factories for production of Valiant trademark. The boats are covered by a two-year warranty, which applies to all hull elements, equipment and accessories.

The RIBs are delivered to dealerships without motors, thus allowing the future owner to select the motor of the required power himself.

Model range

The shipyard's product range includes outboard motors with lengths from 3 to 9 meters. Some boats are equipped with a central control console. The Valiant portfolio consists of four series - Sport, Classic, Special and Raptor.

The Sport range is designed for water sports. They are simple, reliable and functional boats with many additional options and accessories. The Classic series is focused on family holidays. The Special range includes limited edition RIBs, which are difficult to find at regular dealers. Raptor models are designed for emergency services, coast guard and others.

Features .

Valiant pays special attention to the comfort and safety of boat owners, as well as the durability of the products. It uses high quality materials such as German PVC fabrics - Mehler Haku and Heytex or CR / CSM (Hypalon ™) ORCA produced by Pennel & Flipo, as well as accessories from Attwood, recognized for the quality of production and reliability.