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The brand Novurania produces rigid inflatable boats (ribs) and tender boats. There are 26 models currently in production ranging from 3 to 12 meters. The current model range includes 6 lines: Catamaran, Chase, Deluxe, Equator, LX and Launch. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Novurania and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Novurania Model Range

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History of the company

What can small production of rubberized overalls and shipbuilding have in common? It turns out that both can use the same materials. The company Urania, organised by Adelmo Pellegrini and Pietro Caresano in the 50's in Italy, has shown the relationship through its own experience.

So the company's management gradually expanded the range of activities and, in addition to clothing, by 1964 began producing inflatable structures. They were used for the construction of temporary river crossings, canals and water bodies by the Italian armed forces.

Over time, engineering thought went even further, and the company began building RIBs under the brand name Novurania. By the mid 90's, the shipyard was more involved in the construction of tenders for superyachts.

Production .

The Italian company began to move its boats to the U.S. from the mid-80s. Today, all models are built at a factory in Florida, and sold through an extensive network of dealers in Canada, the United States, Turkey, France, Greece and other countries.

The boats are developed using modern software and the assembly processes are carried out manually. It allows to give to the client really qualitative product.

Model range

The shipyard is engaged in construction of specialized vessels and production of boats for the private sector. The shipyard's range includes a range of tenders, models with central console, cabin boats with hardtop and closed salon.

Novurania boats are very popular due to their reliability and thoughtful design, which has been repeatedly confirmed by awards at world exhibitions.

Features .

The company owns many innovations, which it began to use first in the construction of RIBs. It was both an unusual white colour for this type of vessel and the launch of customised models. But application of foam filler in boards for increase of safety and buoyancy of the boat deserves special attention.