Someday we'll take him away.

Someday we'll take him away.

Synergy Team Director - About the America's Cup.

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I am Maxim Logutenko.

I am a yachtsman and I intend to write about sailing. I have been sailing since I was 6 years old, I have sailed many seas and water areas in many different roles and I have something to say about it. Like most of you, I started out with the «Optimists»and I am very grateful to my first coaches who have strengthened my passion for the sea. Then there were the Olympics, or rather the preparation for them, and thank you very much for coming to us with a disease that saved me from this world utopia with rings. Now I am in professional sailing and will try to tell you more about it.

In my column on ItBoat I will write my thoughts and observations about the big world sail, the processes inside it, interesting events and people. In a word, everything that does not get on the news feeds and in the scanty Russian sailing gloss. Of course, I will choose the most actual and interesting topics. And I'll start with the theme of the upcoming America's Cup. All the more so as there are 2 months left till the deadline for applications to the 34th draw.

They have already written a lot and will write more about the 34th Cup, and the most important thing in all these articles is money. No matter how they say and write about the reduction of team expenses by reducing the number of crew members, common for all weather teams and other even more ridiculous bonuses - all this is a drop in the sea. In fact, the entrance ticket has become more expensive! And much more expensive. So, if a statistic team in the 32nd Cup spent about 20 million euros, the minimum budget for the 34th Cup is, according to our estimates, about 40 million. There is no inflation behind the ears here: in three years the amount has actually doubled. So, today's 6 applications, half of which are disabled - that's even a lot.

The fact is that Larry Allison has spent a lot of money and time to bring the Silver Cup to San Francisco, and does not want to part with it soon. And so few people are willing to spend a fortune and end up with just memories of winged catamarans and terabytes of photos.

Is there anyone in Russia today who can play poker with Larry on his terms? I'm not sure. But at least you can always buy Oracle. Not in the same way that they recently assigned themselves half of Google.

I am sure of one thing - we have the human resources to build a team to fight for the America's Cup. We have already proved to ourselves and others that we can fight the most titled teams in the world on equal terms. And the America's Cup, let it stay in America for now. Someday we will definitely take it back.

About the author: Maxim Logutenko - Managing Director of the Russian sailing team «Synergy».

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