America's Cup: Russia participates!

America's Cup: Russia participates!

The team of Mikhail Prokhorov is declared in the 34th Cup.

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At midnight on March 31, team applications for the 34th America's Cup ended. 12 teams have already been approved, and another couple are currently undergoing the last qualifying checks, but that's not the main thing.

We didn't write about it to the last - we held our breath and held our fingers crossed, but now it seems that we can exhale. We did it. Russia managed to apply for the Cup! One of the five teams, whose names have not been officially revealed by the organizers so far, will be Russian.

That's what we learned from the insiders. (We haven't disclosed their names at their request yet, but we think that in two or three days they will still be heard - already on federal channels).

So, the team, which was created in a big secret, will be called Yo-Challenge, because they sponsor the whole idea of Mikhail Prokhorov's structure. A billionaire, recently devoted much effort and resources to the Russian hybrid car project... Yo-mobileI thought the America's Cup was a great opportunity to speak out loud to the world about the Yo-mobile and the environmentally friendly hybrid technologies behind it. The team, as we have learned, will include the best Russian yachtsmen - professionals and Olympians - along with professionals-legionnaires of a very high level (including, in particular, New Zealander Gavin Brady, who in the 90's took part in the spacecraft on the side of "kiwi" twice). The backbone of the team will be formed on the basis of "Synergy" team Valentin Zavadnikov. Well, with such support of resources it should be enough - we can, after all, whenever we want.

We already know the name of the helmsman - they will be Evgeniy Negudnikov from Ekaterinburg, who is currently playing for Synergy. And one more sensation - for the first time in the AC team there will be a woman - our incomparable. Katya Skudina! Other names have not been disclosed yet, but soon everything will be known more precisely - the press conference on the first stage of the AC World Series in Portuguese Cascais is scheduled for April 4, and there is much to clarify. In the meantime, we have at our disposal only one image from the Powerpoint presentation of the team that is preparing for the said press conference.

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