Bucket to the winner!

Bucket to the winner!

In the Caribbean islands of St. Barthelemy, the St. Barths Bucket race was completed.

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The history of the Bucket series began in 1986, when the enthusiasts Peter Goldstein, Roger Janes and John Smith organized a 15-mile race in Nantucket Bay, which involved the most modern yachts of that time in the United States: Flying Goose, Mandalay, Volodor and others. The competition was part of a non-standard birthday party for a friend of the yachtsmen.

In the championship, which was very modest, there were no cups for the winners, that's why the original yachtsmen decided to reward the best with what was at hand - a tin bucket, hence the name of the regatta, which every year became more and more popular.

In addition to the Nantucket Bucket, the last 18 years have also seen the appearance of St Barths, held near the Caribbean islands of St Barthelmy, and in 2000 was founded by Newport. Then the founders of the competition decided to move away from business, resulting in the emergence of another organizing committee, and the regatta itself moved to Newport, where the most prestigious races of the America's Cup are held. Racing has become an integral part of the yacht club, and they have always tried to keep an informal and joking atmosphere.

Thousands of guests come to see the competition, which is very often held in a Caribbean paradise, sometimes so many of them that they have to limit the number of competitors, and to accommodate all 40 yachts, each of which can be up to 88 meters long (Maltese Falcon, for example), you have to block some beaches.

The results in these competitions are always secondary, because the first place is always a special atmosphere, and participation equals triumph, witnesses of this action are always enthusiastic about the beautiful boats of the rivals, the picturesque overall picture of the fleet and the good time spent.

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