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The brand Boston Whaler produces fishing boats and outboard boats. There are 26 models currently in production ranging from 4 to 13 meters. The current model range includes 7 lines: Conquest, Dauntless, Montauk, Outrage, Realm, Super Sport and Vantage. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Boston Whaler and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Boston Whaler Model Range

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Company history

The history of Boston Whaler brand started shortly before the company was founded. In the mid 50's, inventor and founder Dick Fisher turned his attention to a new material - polyurethane foam - and concluded that it could be used in shipbuilding.

By trial and error, Boston Whaler 13 was born in 1956, and in 1958 the company began mass production in Massachusetts. The boat attracted a lot of interest from customers. It was light compared to similar models of competitors, made of other materials. This made it possible to install smaller motors without losing speed.

It also attracted high load capacity and unsinkability. As evidence of the latter, in 1961 the famous American magazine Life published photos of Dick Fisher sawing the boat in half in the middle of the lake. Contrary to expectations, both halves remained afloat, and the inventor was even able to reach the shore using the stern with the motor.

Despite the fact that Boston Whaler positioned its boats for recreational ponds, its products have attracted the attention of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. The boats were actively used in the Vietnam War and in rescue operations on rivers and lakes.

Since 1969, the company has managed to change three owners and suffered a number of financial failures, but the «Boston whaler» proved that it produces not only unsinkable boats, but is not going to go down itself. In 1996, Boston Whaler was bought out by Brunswick Boat Group and now makes a significant contribution to the earnings of the corporation.


Boston Whaler's manufacturing facilities are located in Edgewater, Florida. The shipyard has standing orders from law enforcement agencies and produces boats for ordinary customers. All models are equipped with outboard engines from Mercury Marine, which is also part of the Brunswick Boat Group.

Model range

The company manufactures fiberglass fishing boats with outboard motors ranging in length from 3.4 to 13 meters. The shipyard's model range includes 7 lines, which include about 40 models. The Super Sport and Montauk series are small boats with a minimal set of functions, some models are equipped with a central console. Bowriders Vantage differ from previous series with increased comfort.

The Dauntless and Outrage models - Fish & Ski boats, stand out for their multitasking capabilities, and are suitable for fishing and outdoor activities. Realm series includes cruise boats with all necessary amenities. The Conquest range mainly consists of hardtop cockpit boats with closed salon.

Features .

Boston Whaler is the only company in the world that uses Unibond technology. Its special feature is the filling of the hollow fiberglass body with polyurethane foam. The result is a sturdy unsinkable construction.

Discontinued Models