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Model range

The brand Cranchi produces flybridge Yachts and semi-Enclosed Yachts. There are 17 models from 7 to 26 meters.


Company history

Cantiere Nautico Cranchi is one of the oldest shipyards in Italy and the world. The company started with a small workshop, where Giovanni Cranchi started his business in 1866 and registered his brand in 1870. The workshop was located in Belaggio on Lake Como and built wooden boats, which were in great demand in this place.

Generation after generation, the Cranchi family developed their business, and in the 1930s the company started mass production of wooden motor and sailing rims. In 1970 Cranchi has passed on manufacture of fiberglass boats and yachts. The newest model Pilotina 4.85, launched in 1972, became a real bestseller - in 6 years about 1600 such boats were sold. A year later Cranchi began producing sailing yachts, which were also very popular, with over 500 boats sold. In the early 2000s the fifth generation of the Cranchi family took over the business. By this time, the brand had gained world fame and solid sales abroad. Only in the USA the company has sold about 600 yachts. In 2016 the company signed a contract with designer Christian Grande. At that time his portfolio included about 100 projects and more than 15 international awards.

Model range

In Cranchi yacht collection there are 8 lines of boats and yachts: Trawler and Crossover trawler yachts, Flybridge yachts, Hardtop yachts, open comfortable Cruisers and Day cruisers, Sport Line sports yachts, and Outboard outboards. All models offer a wide range of options and customization to suit the needs of the individual client.


The two Cranchi plants are located in Lombardy on Lake Como, a modern production facility with a large number of robotic areas, from the creation of matrixes, to the lamination of hulls and their painting. Another shipyard is located on the Adriatic and there is also the company's test centre where concept models are tested and where potential buyers can try any of the current Cranchi models. Approximately 90% of the company's products are exported. Cranchi offices and dealerships are open in 55 countries.

Discontinued models


Video tours of the shipbuilding area at Cranchi shipyard, Open House Day reports, dealer meeting reviews, and other events

Презентация верфи Cranchi журналом The Boat Show

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150-летие Cranchi Yachts

Cranchi Yachts 22.01.2020

Эксклюзивный сервис от Cranchi Yachts

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Исследовательский центр Cranchi

Отдел исследований и разработок Cranchi занимается созданием, проектированием новых яхт Cranchi. Это команда, которая превращает идеи и вдохновение верфи в реальные проекты; группа, которая объединяет творческие способности и технологии для достижения амбициозных целей.
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История гения и страсти Cranchi

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Здесь царит рациональность и создается красота

Две фабрики в Ломбардии, недалеко от озера Комо, настоящие храмы технологий. В цехе формовки стекловолокна установлены сложные системы кондиционирования, способные обновлять воздух 44 раза в час. В соответствии с принципами Индустрии 4.0 технические специалисты взаимодействуют с роботами, каждый этап работ планируется и проверяется.
Cranchi Yachts 01.09.2017
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