Linteriors Scotland

Dunblane 1/7 Duckburn Business Park

Designer description Linteriors Scotland

Brand History

Scottish studio Linteriors Scotland was opened in 1997 in Dunblane by Lynn Knox. The company is most popular due to its architectural design, interior decoration of apartments, residential houses and commercial real estate. In the maritime segment the company is little known, but it was invited to design interior spaces. In 2015, Linteriors ceased to exist.


Designers of the studio tried to feel the client's desires and find ways to implement them regardless of the scale of the project. Linteriors Scotland did not allow template solutions, the team liked classical English or French style, but if necessary, easily switched to modern or futuristic design.

Specialization .

The company offered a wide spectrum of works, including drawing up of projects, selection of materials, manufacturers and the control at registration of interiors. The order for the first semi-custom superyacht came almost ten years after its opening, which allowed the studio to gain new experience.

Cooperation with shipyards

The yachting industry was not a priority for Linteriors Scotland. The company has built cooperation with only one shipyard - Italian Benetti.

Landmark projects

The first project for the company was the 36.58m superyacht Wild Thyme (now Aura), launched in 2006. The interiors were chosen as a classic interior with large dark wood panels in contrast to the upholstered furniture, light upholstery and carpeting.


Lynn Knox was able to bring together a small like-minded team that worked together for almost 20 years. The designer was personally involved in each project.