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Designer description Lobanov Design

Brand History

Igor Lobanov has always been interested in design, although by education he is a mathematician and graduated from Moscow State University. At the age of 27 he left for Turin, where he studied transport design, and then received a master's degree in automotive design from the University of Coventry in the UK, after which he continued to work in the external design department of Volkswagen. In 2003, he again crossed paths with Andrey Melnichenko, with whom he once studied together at a physics boarding school in Moscow. At that time Melnichenko started building motor yacht A and invited Lobanov to work as his representative. Having finished this project Lobanov reoriented on yacht design and in 2006 opened his own studio, and in 2007 he received his first contract for yacht exterior design. By 2008 the designer had already had 4 such projects. The new company quickly gained credibility among the shipyards, despite the fact that many of Lobanov's first projects were frozen due to the crisis.

Philosophy .

Lobanov Design calls itself the studio of the future. Lobanov's designs are sculptural and very modern.

«We still consider ourselves to be newcomers, and we will act as young designers - aggressively and in some ways, maybe stupidly, but still creating really strong projects»," says the designer.


The company specializes in the exterior design of yachts of all sizes. Each project is unique in its ingenuity. The company's portfolio contains many interesting futuristic projects waiting to be realized.

Collaboration with shipyards.

Lobanov Design has been successfully working with Oceanco for several years.

Landmark projects

The first yacht out from under Lobanov's pen was the 85m Amore Vero (formerly Princess Olga) in 2013. The second, the Jubilee, was also created with Oceanco in 2017 and was the largest yacht built in the Netherlands and was particularly well known for its wave shaped decks.


Lobanov Design brought together a team of world-class experienced professionals in offices in Moscow and Barcelona.