Walter Franchini Architetto

Walter Franchini, Studio founder
Exclusive design is like a bespoke suit: without compromise or condition, it must fit its owner completely.
Walter Franchini
Studio founder

Designer description Walter Franchini Architetto

The history of the brand

The name of Walter Franchini, who has created many interesting projects, is well known in the yachting community. In 2000, Walter Franchini Architetto and her longstanding partner ARKEO decided to merge and a new company, StudioQ, was born.


Walter always developed and did not stand still, he introduced new materials and modern technology, keeping his hand on the pulse of the industry. In each of his projects there is respect for tradition and a sense of Italian design culture.


Walter Franchini noted in the architecture and design of luxury villas, residences, commercial facilities, including offices, shops, etc.. In the yachting industry, the team has been involved in the creation of motor superyachts, designing the exteriors and interiors. There are also several refits in the portfolio.

Cooperation with shipyards

Franchini worked with Dutch shipyard Amels, Italian CRN and ISA. The designer's portfolio consists half of the boats of the shipbuilder.

Landmark projects

The company designed the interiors and exteriors of the 48-meter long Alexandar V, built for Serbian billionaire and sugar «king» Miodrag Kostic. And Mary-Jean II, launched in 2010, was the most anticipated boat of the year at the Monaco Yacht Show.


Walter has long since finished his career. Today his legacy lives on at StudioQ, run by Bartolomeo Quintiliani, who has worked with Franchini since the mid 90s.