Charles E. Nicholson

Great Britain

Designer description Charles E. Nicholson

The history of the brand

The son of Benjamin Nicholson, co-owner of Camper & Nicholsons, Charles Nicholson was born in 1868 and not only inherited the family business and shipyard in Gosport. In 1892 his Dacia was a great success - six weeks after the first voyage it was sold for twice the price. In 1906 Nicholson created his first large racing yacht, the Nyria, and in 1912 he proposed a 15 «metre class upgrade with the launch»of Istria with Marconi arms. In 1914 Nicholson designed Shamrock IV for Thomas Lipton's participation in the «America»'s Cup. He participated in the America's Cup of «»1930, 1934 and 1937.Shamrock V,Endeavour .and Endeavor II. Between the wars he designed and built over 200 yachts of various types and sizes. During the war Nicholson designed warships and then returned to yachts.


Nicholson himself not only had a unique design look, but was also a good helmsman and tactician. He once bought an 8m class yacht from a client who thought the boat was bad and won many prizes on it, illustrating his own principle:

«Find the right person to run your boat».

Specialty .

Charles Nicholson was a universal designer. He was equally successful in cruising and racing sailing yachts (from «6m» to J class), motor boats, steam and diesel yachts, military vessels. He even participated in the development of seaplanes.

Cooperation with shipyards

Nicholson used his own shipyards, but when they lacked capacity, he built hulls on the slipways of subcontractors.

Landmark projects

At present more than 20 yachts created by Nicholson are not only alive but also successfully racing in regattas, among them Shamrock V, Creole, Orion, Marigold, Folly.Some of the boats were rebuilt like these J-class boats: Endeavour, Velsheda, Hanuman. A special place in the designer's heritage belongs to the motorboat Norge, owned by the King of Norway. Among the ships created by Nicholson, ships for the British, Turkish and other military fleets.

Team .

Worked alone.