Luca Brenta


Designer description Luca Brenta

The history of the brand

The company Luca Brenta was named after its founder - designer Luca Brenta. He opened a studio in 1989 in Milan, where the company still operates today. The case can be called a family one, because later Luca's son, Giovanni Brenta, joined the project. He followed in his father's footsteps as a designer.

In 2004 the company was restarted and began producing its own range of sailing yachts under the B-Yachts brand.


Brent calls her boats the «next generation»of yachts. These are user-friendly semi-custom yachts with their style and high performance. Boat designs are based on years of experience and standard models with a touch of novelty.

Specialization .

Most of the models created by Luca Brent are sailing megayachts, but there are also motor projects.

Cooperation with shipyards

The studio has implemented a number of successful projects with Benetti Sail Division, CNB and Vitters Shipyard.

Landmark projects

In the portfolio of the brand it is worth noting two 33-meter sailing megayachts of the late 90s - Kenora and Wally B. One of the successful models of the 21st century is the minimalistic silver sailing yacht Ghost. The elements of the boat's exterior - cockpit, deckhouse, stern - flow smoothly into each other. Thought-out lighting solutions provide a high level of light in the cabin. Other strengths of the model are good controllability, low displacement and large sailing area.

The team of .

The company is headed by Alberto Castiglioni, a former entrepreneur in the luxury» segment «and a passionate yacht enthusiast who rarely misses an opportunity to go out to sea on the brand's vessels. Sales are managed by Enrico Malingri.

The team of the brand believes in spectacular models based on high technological standards in marine engineering and yacht design.