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Brand History

With a wealth of experience in interior design, Franco & Anna Della Role entered the yacht market in the mid 90s. The successful duo quickly gained popularity and was able to gain the trust of both leading shipyards and owners of yachts. Today there are about a hundred completed projects in the studio's portfolio.


For the company's designers, it is easy to switch between styles, choosing what the customer likes. The portfolio presents interiors in a modern style, classical execution with an abundance of mahogany, in a discreet Scandinavian design, etc.


The main part of Della Role Design projects are interiors for custom and semi custom superyachts. The company has also been involved in the exterior design of large vessels on several occasions. The team was also invited to participate in refits.

Cooperation with shipyards

The portfolio of Franco and Anna is dominated by work with Italian shipyards. The company has been particularly successful with Codecasa and Sanlorenzo, with which more than half of the boats were built. Baglietto turned to the studio for help several times.

Landmark projects

In 2010 one of the biggest boats for Della Role - Family Day - was launched. The interior spaces are a modern interpretation of the maritime style with a large number of rosewood floor and walls.

The team .

At headquarters in Viareggio, a strong, cohesive team of professionals, led by Franco and Anna, has gathered together.

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