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Brand History

Andrea Bacigalupo is a well-known name in the yachting industry. By 1996 the master had gained enough experience to open his own company - Studio Bacigalupo. For almost 25 years of work the company managed to take part in designing more than two hundred boats.


Specialists of the studio not only use modern software, but also do not forget about the old school, making sketches on paper and manually calculating the characteristics. Here they clearly understand what and how should work.


The studio specializes in the design of fast boats up to 65 meters long. The company does everything from the exterior and general plans to architecture with subsequent hydrodynamic analysis and testing of models in the test pool, etc. The studio is specialized in the design of fast boats up to 65 meters.

Collaboration with shipyards

For a quarter of a century the company has taken a confident position in the Italian market and noted in the works of Codecasa, Cerri Cantieri Navali, Arno, Italyachts, Siar-Moschini, Overmarine. The team carries out projects not only in the superyacht segment, but also builds motor catamarans with Leopard Yachts.

Landmark projects

The biggest project for Studio Bacigalupo was the semi-custom superyacht Framura 3. For her sporty appearance, she was nominated for Best in Showboats Design Awards in 2014. Also impressive are the technical characteristics of this 50 metre boat, capable of developing up to 28 knots.


The studio is located in one of the centers of Italian shipbuilding - in Genoa. Andrea Bachigalupo is surrounded by a small team of specialists with rich experience, who help him with every project.

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