Eva Cadio & Co

Eva Cadio, Studio founder
I like to think of design as a perfect balance of scent, in which each shade of scent matches lines, space, light, things, colors.
Eva Cadio
Studio founder

Designer description Eva Cadio & Co

The history of the brand

Eva Cadio, a talented interior designer from France, opened her studio in the 1990s and immediately decided to specialise in the yachting industry. Fame came to her fairly quickly and the studio soon acquired an impressive portfolio. The success of the firm is also confirmed by the fact that the business partner of Eva Cadio & Co was the influential investor Philippe Gluntz.


Eva creates a unique design. The studio believes that it is easy to come up with an interior that meets the technical requirements and wishes of the client, and this is not the main task. The main goal of the team is to reflect the feelings and emotions of the owner in the project, and this is much more difficult.


The company designs luxurious interiors for motor superyachts and sailing boats.

Cooperation with shipyards

The design of Eva Cadio & Co is in demand at Turkish shipyards of R.B.Dereli Yachts and RMK Marine, Dutch Heesen etc.

Landmark projects

In 2004, the 39-meter sloop Mumu was launched and received the interior of Eva Cadio. The interior spaces are based on a combination of two types of wood with light orange and dark brown colors. In 1992 the motor yacht Heesen Calaf was built, which was a success on the charter market, and in 2008 the 42-meter Golden Horn was launched.


A team of designers headed by Eva Kadio introduced new materials and solutions and always looked for a creative approach in solving tasks. At present Eva Cadio & Co studio has stopped working.