Javier Soto Acebal


Designer description Javier Soto Acebal

Brand History

Soto Acebal Naval Architects was founded in 1998 in Argentina. Its creator, Javier Soto Acebal, grew up in Buenos Aires, where he graduated as a marine mechanical engineer. From childhood he was inspired by the aesthetics of objects, from pencil to car. In his youth, Javier's main passion was yachts. He decided to open his studio after 11 years with the company. German Frers.


Javier's burning up his business. He's one of the few marine engineers left faithful to pencil and paper. Conservative Asebal also innovates - he uses them with care, managing the customer's budget wisely.

In his company, we strive to create functional vessels that are pleasant to look at.

«I am for minimalism, I try not to overload the design with unnecessary elements»," says Asebal about his approach.

Specialization .

The main direction of the company is development of sailing yachts.

Cooperation with shipyards

The studio has a long and fruitful cooperation with Solaris Yachts and Walley.

Landmark projects

The company's first yacht was a Foxtrot model in laminated wood. Asebal built it for himself, becoming both the first client, designer and captain. In competition, the boat won a gold medal in its class, inspiring the creator to do new things. Asebal calls Solaris 50 his favorite, perfectly balanced boat.

It's also worth noting the ship. Alexiabuilt at the Wally shipyard. Another project in tandem with Wally is Angel's Share, a 40m high speed sailing yacht.

Team .

In Soto Acebal Naval appreciate not only experience, but also warmth of relations in collective. The work is based on synergy and respect. Questions such as Are we keeping«up with the times? Do we think like a team? How does each project develop us?»They allow us to consciously approach the work, and the answers to them set the vector of development.