Studio Massari

Luigi Massari, Studio founder
In our work, we try to capture the lifestyle and aspirations of our clients. We bring ideas to life through sketches, drawings, and 3D modeling.
Luigi Massari
Studio founder

Designer description Studio Massari

Brand History

Studio Massari opened its doors in the 70s and became one of the most prominent Italian design companies. Its founder, Luigi Massari, quickly achieved success and began developing interiors for influential clients around the world. Today the master is assisted by his son Alessandro Massari.


Good design starts with a dialogue between the team and the client. The studio's specialists try to understand the client's aspirations, his goals and desires, reflecting them in a project that is implemented with traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Specialization .

The main direction of the company is interior design for superyachts, planes and private objects. In real estate Studio Massari deals with architectural design and layouts.

Cooperation with shipyards

The company engaged in design work for shipbuilders such as Peterswerft - Kusch, Benetti, ISA and Sanlorenzo.

Landmark projects

Built in 2015, the 100.8 metre I Dynasty was not only the largest studio boat, but also one of the top 10 most expensive superyachts in the world. The team also decorated the interiors for the 62-meter Benetti Bistango in a classic style with special attention to detail.

The team

The studio in Calcinelli has a well-coordinated team of designers, artists and decorators. The company has a staff of 10 people.