Taka Yachts

Tanju Kalaijolu, Studio founder
Design is a way of life for me. The fire inside me never goes out.
Tanju Kalaijolu
Studio founder

Designer description Taka Yachts

The history of the brand

Future founder of Taka Yachts, Tanju Kalaycıoğlu, was educated as an engineer and naval architect in England at the universities of Southampton and Newcastle. Returning to Turkey in the mid-1980s, he worked for Pearl Ship Industry and actively collaborated with Yelken Dünyası magazine. In order to present information as accurately as possible in his articles, he started drawing sketches. Readers loved it, and from time to time they started asking him to design for them.

«These first sketches later turned out to be some very interesting boats»," Tanju Kalaijolu said.

Taka Yachts was born in 2000 and since then has implemented more than 50 projects of different types and sizes, sailing and motor.


The individual approach to each project allows the company to be as flexible as possible. In each case the client chooses a format of cooperation from consultation before vessel «delivery on a turn-key»basis.


The company designs a wide range of ships from almost any available material - composite, aluminium, steel. Taka Yachts develops designs and components for them (masts, bulkheads, hatches, stairs) using composites of all types, from simple fiberglass to multi-layer structures and materials based on honeycomb structures.

Cooperation with shipyards

At various times the company has worked with Su Marine, Turquoise Yachts, Sarp Yachts.

Landmark projects

One of Taka Yachts' most famous yachts is Amphitrite (formerly Vajoliroja and Anatolia), owned by Johnny Depp and then Joanne Rowling. Other interesting boats: La Passion, Roxane, Zelda, Vay, Vagante.


Taka Yachts team consists of naval architects, industrial designers, engineers and interior designers.