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HydroTec S.r.l. by Sergio Cutolo
Sergio Cutolo, Company founder
Nature dictates the rules and gives ideas that we use in our projects
Sergio Cutolo
Company founder

Designer description Hydro Tec

Brand history

Hydro Tec was founded by Sergio Cutolo in 1995. Before that, he had a career as a naval architect working with the world's leading shipyards. Initially HydroTec's profile was engineering and in the 2000s the studio started designing.


Hydro Tec's concept is creative shipbuilding. It is about active interaction of designers and architects in work on projects. The company believes that the exchange of ideas produces better results, so it relies on «collective intelligence».

Specialization .

Hydro Tec is involved in boat design, yachting design and consulting. In the shipbuilding industry the company has always paid attention to hydrodynamic efficiency. More than 20 years of experience and research have made this area a strength of the brand.

In design, Hydro Tec employees strive for a balance of appearance and functionality. Here innovations are implemented smoothly and without jerks.

Consulting allows the company to share its experience with yacht owners, technical specialists and novices in the shipbuilding industry.

Cooperation with shipyards

The studio designed ships for Italian shipyards Palumbo Shipyard, Cantiere delle Marche, Cantiere Navale di Pesaro, American T.B.D. T.B.D., Turkish Proteksan Turquoise, Greek Golden Yachts and others.

Landmark projects

Hydro Tec has models nominated for the Boat International Design and Innovation Awards, such as Gatto, Stella di Mare and Sense. The studio also developed the concept for a 100 metre superyacht. Crossbow with a beach club and the ability to accommodate up to 16 guests. Other projects include the 80m Columbus Classic.

The team .

At Hydro Tec, we believe that the company's success is in the hands of its employees. Here, their professional interests, growth, development and further training are the priority.

The team is still headed by Sergio Cutolo, the owner of the company. He is actively involved in work processes and shares his experience and knowledge with colleagues. Sergio's right hand since 2007 is naval architect Gerardo Pastore. Sergio's wife, Silvia Himsolt, is in charge of marketing.

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