Caesar Pinnau


Designer description Caesar Pinnau

Brand History

The renowned architect Cäsar Pinnau was born in 1906. Before founding a design studio, he studied carpentry with his father and then took architecture courses in Berlin. During the war years the young man worked for supporters of the Nazi regime, which subsequently slowed down his career.

In the second half of the 1940s, the master was in demand due to his rich portfolio and the large front of works in the postwar period. The studio's yachting direction was fully developed in the 1960s.


Despite his fame and unconditional success, Tserzar Pinnau is considered an underestimated architect. After the war, he did not receive any government commissions due to his ties with the Nazis. In his work he adhered to the neoclassical style and ignored the popular modern design.


He has created naval architecture, interiors and exteriors for superyachts and commercial vessels. Pinnau has done a lot of real estate work - his houses can be found all over Germany.

Cooperation with shipyards.

The studio developed cargo ships for Oetkers Reederei Hamburg. In the private shipbuilding segment, the company has established relationships with Howaldtswerke and Hellenic Shipyards.

Landmark projects

Every boat designed by Caesar Pinnau boasts a rich history. For example, Christina O was converted from a warship for Aristotelis Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy. The yacht was visited by many celebrities including Paul McCartney, Marilyn Monroe and Franis Sinatra. The yacht is still available for rent.

The team

Soon after the death of Caesar Pinnau in 1988, the Hamburg studio was closed.