Model range of Zeelander

The brand Zeelander produces enclosed Yachts with Hardtop and lobster Boats and Gozzo Boats. There are 3 models from 13 to 21 meters.

About Zeelander

Company history

The Dutch have always been great yachtsmen and great shipbuilders. One of them is Sietse Koopmans, the founder of the young, dynamic Zeelander Yachts shipyard.

The company was founded in 2002, when Coopmans set an ambitious goal to create an innovative and high-tech production. The company took up the semi-castomponent construction segment.

Over the next six years, production was started and the first Z44 was developed, which saw the light in 2008. These were difficult times for the shipbuilding industry as a whole, but the company was able to stay afloat and by 2011 opened production of this model in the USA. The U.S. market was well received, and in 2014 the Z68 premiered at the Miami Boat Show.

Status .

The shipyard continues its work.


Since 2017 the production of Zeelander Yachts has been concentrated on one site in the Netherlands in Groot Ammers. The shipyard's workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and specialists with many years of experience are involved in the construction. The shipyard's longstanding partner Cor D. Rover Studio is developing the new models.

Model range

The shipyard's range consists of gliding boats made of fibreglass plastic. The manufacturer has bet on an unusual design and offers yachts in Italian Gozzo style. These are models with closed or semi-closed saloon with classic shapes.


Zeelander is not afraid to experiment and along with semi- production boats up to 22 meters is ready to build models of more serious class. The 50-metre Z164 has already been launched from the shipyard's s slipway and is characterized by its cost-effectiveness. With a fuel tank capacity of 97,000 litres, the boat can travel about 11,000 nautical miles without refueling.

In addition, the manufacturer focuses on reducing operating costs and claims that shipyard maintenance is cheaper than similar models from other manufacturers.

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