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Viknes Model Range

The brand Viknes produces sea SUVs and semi-displacement Yachts. There are 11 models from 7 to 12 meters in the current model range from 3 lines: Skilso, Viknes and Workboats.

About Viknes

History of the company

Viknes Norwegian shipyard was founded in 1988. The company's founder Jan Inge Sivertsen set himself the goal of building comfortable boats that are equally suited to both calm water and harsh weather conditions, for work and leisure. The first model of the yard was the Viknes 770 Combi. The vessel has been favourably received on the market. In 1989 the 770 Sjark was designed on the 770 platform. Then in 1996 another Viknes 900 Combi was launched, which allowed the yard to expand its audience and make it one of the leading brands in Norway.

In June 2000, there was a fire at the yard which destroyed most of the production facilities and boats under construction. However, the shipyard's team did not give up on the difficulties and launched new production facilities rather quickly. Already at the end of 2000, the new Viknes 880 and six months later the Viknes 1030 went into production. Then in 2004, the updated Viknes 770 was launched in a series. Then the size of the yachts increased, popularity among customers also increased. In 2009 the Sunbridge Flybridge was launched as well as the new flagship Viknes 1080 with and without a flybridge. The Viknes 930 was nominated for European Motorboat of the Year in 2011.

At the same time in 2011 the company acquired the yacht builder Skilsø and the shipyard's collection was extended by two more models of this brand - Skilsø 33 Sport and Skilsø 36. In 2015, Skilsø 34 Panorama was launched, created from scratch. The panoramic glazing of this model was very popular with customers and it was also used on the Viknes 1080 Panorama.

Model range

Today the shipyard produces boats and yachts 7-12 meters long. The Viknes line is represented by universal speed boats of trawler type with windshield with bevel back. The Skilsø range includes high-speed cruising yachts with a hardtop or flybridge. The Workboats range includes work boats. The shipyard responds flexibly to customers' requests to adapt each boat to their needs.


All Viknes production is concentrated on the production site on the island of Askøy, near Bergen. The shipyard produces about 80 boats per year. The company employs over 60 craftsmen, engineers and technicians.

Videos about Viknes

Video tours of the production site of the Viknes shipyard, reports from open days, dealer meetings and other events.

Viknes - сделано в Норвегии

Viknes Båt 12.04.2019
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