Builder Marex

Norway, Oslo

Leangbukta 34, 1392

Model range

The brand Marex produces aft Cabin Yachts and semi-Enclosed Yachts. There are 6 models from 9 to 13 meters.


History of the company

The name Marex comes from the two Latin words mare «-»sea and rex -«king», which together give birth to the shipyard's motto - King of the Sea. Established in 1973 in Grimstad, Norway, the shipyard has followed a tried and tested but long forgotten path: it started to produce Aft Cabin (with aft cabins), which set it apart from its competitors.

The advantages of this layout are obvious - it allows for a maximum width of the boat under the cabins, unlike the classic bow layout.

The motor compartment separation also makes the cabins more private. For many buyers, this can be a decisive moment in their choice. Most importantly, the controllability and manoeuvrability of the boat is not affected by this design.

Otherwise, Marex are typical Scandinavians «»aimed at navigability, comfort and functionality. Yachts Marex receive wide aisles on boards, practical and qualitative materials of an upholstery of interiors, a teak flooring.

Status .

The shipyard continues its work and almost every year Marex novelties win awards at international exhibitions. In 2017, the Marex 310 Sun won the Boot Düsseldorf Oscar«».

Production .

Marex is not chasing after large production volumes, but concentrates all its efforts on quality. The boats are assembled at two small enterprises in Norway and Lithuania with a total area of 13,000 square meters. Most of the boats are sold in Europe, but they can also be easily found outside the ocean.

Model range

The shipyard's portfolio includes traditional Aft Cabin models, closed hardtop cruising yachts and semi-closed boats. The company builds boats from 9.5 to 12 meters in length.

Features .

One of the main features of the shipyard is to carry out sea trials on every boat built. Not all manufacturers can boast of such approach to quality control. Reliable and well-thought-out Marex yachts are in great demand in the aftermarket and have high residual value.


Video tours of the shipbuilding area at Marex shipyard, Open House Day reports, dealer meeting reviews, and other events

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