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Model range of Maxima Boats

The brand Maxima Boats produces central Console Boats and tenders. There are 16 models from 4 to 9 meters.

About Maxima Boats

Company history

The young Dutch shipyard Maxima Boats entered the market in early 2018. The company immediately attracted experienced boats with many years of experience and quickly became well-known on the boat market. The crew did not move towards the mainstream and offered familiar sports boats, but paid more attention to comfort and beauty. As a result, elegant boats in classic Dutch style with a high level of comfort were born.


It's working. The company's dealer network covers the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Production .

Maxima Boats has a small plant in Slidrecht. on the banks of the Beneden-Mervede River. Here, on an area of 6,400 square meters, there are two production facilities and an embankment for the launching of boats for water testing.

Model range

The range includes luxurious classic runabouts, boats with central console and models with caddy cabin. Maxima boats are also selected as tenders for superyachts for their bright design.


Compared to many «classmates», the Maxima Boats are wider and therefore offer a higher level of comfort. The manufacturer has tried to provide maximum free space for relaxation areas, equipped the boat with ergonomic chairs and sofas.

At first glance, the boats look pretty massive, but the well-thought-out architecture provides good maneuverability at high speeds and a steady ride in bad weather.

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