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The brand CMN Yacht Division produces motor Superyachts and semi-displacement Yachts. There are 1 model 60 meters.

About CMN Yacht Division

Company history

CMN is a French shipbuilding company from Cherbourg, Normandy. It was established immediately after the Second World War, in 1945, to manufacture military and commercial ships. Its founder, Félix Amiot, a renowned aircraft designer, inventor and at the same time a successful entrepreneur, has invested his passion in the production of innovative ships, especially military ones. In 1961, pleasure sailing ships were added to the range.

The first production boat was the 11-meter sailing Maïca, which was perfect for both cruises and competitions. Construction of custom racing sailboats began in the 1970s, including for famous French athletes Eric Tabarly and Olivier de Kersauzon. In the 1990s, as the trend towards larger yachts developed, the shipyards began building larger boats. These include the three-mast 42-meter Friday Star, one of the largest composite superyachts at the time, and the 49-meter long French Look II expeditionary boat. In 2003, a revolutionary racing yacht was launched. Mari-Cha IV 44.4 m long, built with improved carbon composites.

This boat, designed by Philippe Briand to be the most «advanced racing sailboat in the world,»managed to set a new world record.

Since 1992, the shipyard has been part of the Abu Dhabi MAR holding. The CMN team has over 350 ships built.


The shipyard is operational.

Production .

CMN builds custom sailing and motor superyachts. The material is steel, aluminium alloys or modern composites. Almost all production units are concentrated on one site, an efficient concept «all in one . CATIA's powerful industrial software is designed to integrate and optimize design and production processes.

A subsidiary of CMN - JMV Industries - is engaged in the development of modern composites and the manufacture of sailboat hulls from them. The staff makes about 400 persons. Capacities allow to build and make refit of vessels up to 70 m in length - and all this in covered premises with the area of 48 thousand sq. m.


The shipyard is actively developing a line of 60 metre steel motor yachts with aluminium superstructure, the design of which was presented by the famous Winch Design. These models feature a wide range of customization options.


Yachts from CMN demonstrate a French view of yachting and luxury, while North French, with a slight taste of military shipbuilding tradition.

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