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Model range of Sea Ray

The brand Sea Ray produces boats with Outboard Engines and bowriders. There are 31 models from 5 to 13 meters in the current model range from 5 lines: SDX, SLX, SPX, Sun Sport and Sundancer.

About Sea Ray

Company history

Sea Ray's American shipyard is a Ford «in» construction. The founder of Sea Ray  lived in Daytroth, the centre of the American automotive industry. In 1959, Connie Ray and three friends built the first boat in the garage of a small office, which he bought from the owner. Having enticed talented designer Harley Earl from General Motors, Ray commissioned him to design the first fully GRP boats.

serial factory production was set up three years later.

Similar to automobile concerns, they let out each year new model, and by 1969 had in the assortment ten boats. In the late 1970s it was the second largest U.S. shipbuilder, and in 1986 the company was bought for $350 million by Brunswick Boat Group, the largest manufacturer of pleasure boats in the world, which gave a new impetus to the development of the shipyard.


It's working.

Production .

Three plants of the company work in the American state of Florida, two more - in Brazil and Poland. The production is fully automated. The interiors of the yachts are tested with full-size layouts. In addition, the company has its own laboratory, where components from suppliers are thoroughly tested, the latest materials are examined, and weather conditions are simulated. This gives you an insight into what will happen to a hull that is constantly in the blazing sun or in the harsh conditions of the northern seas.

Model range

The shipyard offers a wide range of vessels: from small outboard and cabin cruise boats that can be transported by car trailer, to luxury 20 metre yachts of various types: enclosed hardtop cruise yachts, flybridge gliding yachts, open cruise yachts.

Features .

Sea Ray promises high quality for reasonable money. The company pays attention to both technical characteristics of vessels and their appearance. Special gelcoat coating allows the hull to look new for a long time. All technological compartments are treated with it for protection from salty splashes, sun rays etc.

Ergonomics is calculated down to the smallest detail, and there are many additional pleasant options: power steering for sports models, different layout of seats, sun beds, diving towers, modern stereo systems.

Discontinued powerboat Sea Ray


Video of the builder Sea Ray

Video tours of the builder's production site, reports from open days, dealer meetings, and other events

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Documents of Sea Ray

In this section, you can download scans of articles about the builder in the media, a general brochure on the model range, price lists for the models and other materials.

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