BuilderGrand Soleil

Italy, Forlì

Cantiere Del Pardo SPA

via Fratelli Lumière, 34, 47122

Grand Soleil Model Range

The brand Grand Soleil produces performance Cruisers and sailing Cruisers with Mediterranean Cockpit. There are 10 models from 10 to 26 meters.

About Grand Soleil

The history of the company

Grand Soleil yachts (translated as "great sun") have a French name, but are being built in Italy. The cheerful name reminds about holidays and joys of life. This was the mood in 1973 when Giuseppe Giuliani, founder of the Cantiere del Pardo shipyard, started his business. It must be said that this was not Giuliani's first yachting business - before that he had already set up a small production facility and successfully sold it. Grand Soleil brand created by him became one of the carriers of typical Italian style in yacht building. The first yacht of the new Grand Soleil 34, designed by Group Finot, was a great success. In 7 years, 230 hulls of this model have been built. In the 1980s Giuliani focused on improving the speed performance of his boats. Grand Soleil 39, 45, 52 and finally the Maxi One appeared. The victories in the regattas have come. In the early 2000s some teams moved to Grand Soleil and the yard got a new boost. At one time Grand Soleil yachts were criticized for their hull stratification, but the company managed to eliminate the problems of lamination quality. Today the shipyard produces about 140 yachts annually and confidently competes both in the segment of serial models and in the production of custom-made yachts. Many of Grand Soleil's models have been nominated and won prestigious European and American awards.

Status .

Grand Soleil is one of the Cantiere del Pardo brands.


The Cantiere del Pardo headquarters and production base is located in Forli, halfway between Bologna and San Marino. It has 40,000 square meters of indoor space. Since its foundation, Cantiere del Pardo has produced over 3900 boats, most of which have been produced under the Grand Soleil brand.

Model range

Under the Grand Soleil brand, customers are offered three types of sailing yachts - cruising, cruising and racing up to 60 feet, and custom yachts up to 80 feet. The company builds Mediterranean-type yachts in fiberglass and carbon composite hulls.


Grand Soleil yachts combine Italian elegance with good speed performance and a high level of comfort on board. The shipyard spends weeks of test drives where potential buyers can see the current models of the yard. For existing customers since 2000 the company has held its own Grand Soleil Cup regatta.

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