Staluppi, John Staluppi: Spectre by Benetti delivered to owner

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Italian shipyard Benetti has delivered Spectre, a 69m steel and aluminium megayacht, to owners. The boat went to serial fans of the brand: American couple Johnand JeanetteStaluppi.

The Staluppi family are fans of the James Bond films. Besides, they adore the Italian style, sports cars of 50-60-s and adrenaline jumps while participating in car racing. These are the sources of inspiration Stalupi offered to Spectre's creators.

«This is the third yacht to be created in the last 10 years as a result of the partnership between the yard and these clients, and the homage to» has been the hallmark of this partnership from the outset. The name of the first project is «Moonraker» («Moonraker»), the second is «The World Is Not Enough» («And the whole world is not enough»). The same can be said about the speed characteristics of the boats.

The result of the work of Giorgio M. Cassetta (design) and Dutch Mulder Design (naval architecture) is a very sporty yet very traditional boat with a long, sharp bow.» Mulder Design's founder Frank Mulder christened Spectre «(the «High Speed Cruising Hull»). This is the ninth time Mulder Design has designed for Staluppi.

This time the reference point for the underwater part of the hull was the 25 military and other high speed vessels.

«I like Spectre. It's a great example of how the owner and yard cultures are masterfully intertwined," says project designer Giorgio M. Cassette at».

The boat is 11.7 meters wide. With a displacement of 1,000 tons, she has a draft of only 3.2 meters.

She is capable of speeds up to 21.2 knots, 30% faster than her sisters of the same size. Normally they cannot go faster than 17 knots.

At a cruising speed of 12 knots, Spectre can travel up to 6,500 nautical miles without refueling. The men will not be thirsty, and can carry up to 18,000 liters of fresh water for the long haul.

Powered by 2 12VMTU 4000 Series diesel engines, each rated at 3460 horsepower. For improved controllability, the Spectre has electric bow and stern thrusters with 268 horsepower each.

For the first time on a boat of this size, Naiad's Dynamics Total Ride Control technology is used, which, like the shock absorbers in a car, simultaneously stabilises the boat in different planes to maintain optimum ride trim.

Spectre also has three 200kV Northern Light generators capable of 185kV operation in port.

The interior design was developed by Benetti. The owners actively participated in the selection of furniture.

The reference points for the design of the cabins were French hotels and boutiques of the end of the 19th century.

For example, the influence of Parisian Art Deco can be felt in the floor, carpet and especially the windows of the main salon. The modern textiles by Armani, chosen by the owners, support the stylistics perfectly.

But first things first. On the lower deck, Spectre has a fixed swim platform aft, which is separated from the beach club by a sliding glass door. Space for a garage and engine room is also left on this level. There is enough space onboard for a 9-metre tender, a 7.5-metre escort boat and two jet skis.

The centrally located deck features a spa with hammam, massage room, gym and the option to convert the massage room into a guest suite. Moving forward on the bow, there are a further 2 full-beam cabins. In total there is room for 12 guests on the Spectre.

The lower level of the Spectre can accommodate all 8 cabins, providing room for 13 crew members. According to Benetti, large and comfortable crew cabins were one of the design priorities.

The large and uncluttered forward area is the main deck's main attraction. A helicopter could easily be landed on it. The foredeck will have a casual lounge area with wine rack, lounge and dining area, and will carry on into the dining area and ample seating areas. Further aft there is again a large storage area. Also aft is the main lobby with spiral staircase and glass elevator.

On the same level are two more guest cabins. Each of them are equipped with individual shower and dressing rooms.

In addition, on the main deck there is a large VIP cabin with two bathrooms and two dressing rooms measuring 90 square meters, each of them can easily accomodate an apartment.

The upper deck has been reserved as the main deck for relaxation. The 110 square metres of normally open space aft is devoted to the four-metre long dining table, the buffet and two symmetrical sitting and chatting areas. Inside, the 90 square-meter saloon is an L-shaped seating area, a table for informal lunches and a bar.

Closer to the bow are the guest lobby and owners suite, which includes a secluded office and the living quarters itself with two bathrooms and two dressing rooms. Along the sides of this level of Spectre are terraces that provide access to a small forward outdoor area.

The bridge has also become a seating area. Aft of this deck is the swimming pool, 2 sundecks, bar, and central lounge area, which can be rearranged to suit requirements. Here guests will also find an even more informal dining area.

Grills and pizzas for lunch can be prepared in the ovens right next to the tables.

The captain's cabin and control area are also located here.

Lots of space, elegant luxury and comfort - that's what Spectre is all about. Is it any wonder, according to the shipyard, that 750000 man hours were required to build this giant?

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