Hainan to become China's yachting industry hub

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Strategic summit dedicated to yachting, marine tourism and related infrastructure is planned to be held in Hainan province of China at the end of March 2019. This decision was made following a round table held in the region, during which experts discussed the problems of the Chinese market and practical plans for the development of the province.

Earlier the government of the country came up with the initiative to use Hainan as an experimental zone for the development of yacht industry in China.

This was actively discussed during the Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference held in Singapore in April 2018. The summit, which will be held in the province in March, is organised as part of an agreement signed in 2017 by Singapore's SUTL Enterprises, which operates marinas across Asia, and the Hainan Cruise & Yacht Association.

« This new experiment will take place over the next year or three years. It will involve the construction of boats, new marinas and other near-yachting projects. Hainan currently has 14 marinas for 1,835 boats up to 60 meters in length. The largest marinas can accommodate 700 vessels at a time»,"Li Ning, general secretary of the Hainan Cruise & Yacht Association, told International Boat Industry.

Both local and foreign companies will be able to participate in the development of yacht centres in Hainan.

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