Arcadia Yachts builds «pocket megayacht»

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At Arcadia docks, construction is in full swing: as of early 2019, it is the most active shipyard in this regard. Ten models are under construction simultaneously, the latest of which is Sherpa XL, an extended version of the popular pocket superyacht Arcadia. Her construction, the yard assures us, is on schedule - the hull and superstructure are already joined - so we will definitely see the big «Sherpa» at the next boat show in Cannes.

The Sherpa XL concept was developed by Arcadia Yachts in collaboration with Hot Lab, a Milan-based design studio which has also previously worked on the A105. «The studio first developed the deck layouts and then» integrated them into the hull.

«This new model is another step towards the creation of a new yacht concept. It gives the "green light" to a new range and it is not just a SHERPA bigger scale. Just increasing SHERPA would have been a quicker and easier solution for us, but we are determined to maintain our role as innovators and continue to develop our industry»," says Arcadia Yachts director Ugo Pellegrino.

Sherpa XL is wider than the competition in her size range.

She is almost seven meters wide at her midships, while most yachts 25-27 meters on average measure 6.3 meters. Her combined indoor and outdoor recreation area totals 220 square meters. The sky lounge on the bridge deck measures 34 square metres and is equipped with electric windows, which can be fully retracted into the hull at the press of a button, transforming this area from enclosed to open.

On the upper deck is a 35 square foot sunbathing area.

The garage of this pocket-sized superyacht is large enough to hold a tender over four metres long.

The tender is launched on board. This solution is not typical for yachts in the segment of up to 27 meters and allows to keep the control area clean at all times.

When it comes to interiors, SHERPA XL offers two possible layouts, with three or four guest cabins accommodating six or eight guests respectively. In the former case, the galley is located on the lower deck, while in the layout with four cabins, the galley is located on the upper deck between the control room and the lounge.

In both configurations, however, the space is divided so that the attendants' paths (up to three people) do not overlap with those of the guests. To the same end, there are separate corridors for the crew.

The spacious master suite has been integrated with the bathroom, giving the area of 22 square meters.

«the owner gets an almost homely environment: large, open, flooded with light», describe Arcadia Yachts.

The same technique is applied in the VIP cabin in the bow.

A twin Volvo Penta IPS 1050 engine will propel SHERPA XL up to 20 knots. At a cruising speed of 12 knots, the boat will cruise autonomously for up to 1,000 nautical miles and at 10 knots for over 1,500 nautical miles.

Fuel consumption will be up to 30% lower than that of other motor yachts up to 27 meters.

To reduce environmental impact, the boat will be equipped with solar panels. They will supply all onboard systems including air conditioning with electricity. For the same purpose the electrical appliances on the boat will be economical and the lighting will be LED.

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