Royal Huisman has secured a long-term lease on the docks at the port of Amsterdam

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For two and a half years Royal Huisman had been using the production facilities formerly owned by HollandJachtbouw. The Port of Amsterdam bought the docks of the bankrupt Holland Jachtbouw shipyardin Zandam and leased the site on a long-term lease to superyacht builder Royal Huisman. Royal Huisman intends to use the facility, which came into the possession of the Port of Amsterdam on 14 May, for its own future projects to build new boats and refit old ones.

As a result, Royal Huisman will become the second superyacht builder after FEADSHIP to establish itself in the Port of Amsterdam.

Royal Huisman's CEO, Jan Timmerman, said this move will enable the shipyard «to adequately meet the growing demand from both existing and new customers». It is getting harder and harder for the Volenhove yard to keep up with the increasing workload.

Amsterdam Harbour Master Koen Overtoom added that the arrival of Royal Huisman brings the port «one step closer to achieving our goal of becoming a superyacht hub».

«Amsterdam is in high demand by yacht builders thanks to its highly skilled workforce, international airport and the famous entrepreneurial spirit of the Dutch», Koen Overtoom says.

Following the untimely death of Holland Jachtbouw owner Chris Gongriep in late 2016, Royal Huisman negotiated the use of unclaimed space by its refit division Huisfit, choosing not to buy it back from the late Gongriep's family. Huisfit has since carried out a refit of Meteor, Asgard and Skat boats there.

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