Hurricane «Dorian» hits the Bahamas

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Monday morning in the north Bahamas began with the arrival of the devastating Hurricane «Dorian», described as one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in history. The first winds of up to 82.5 m/s took the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama Island.

The U.S. National Hurricane Watch Center has given «Dorian» the highest, fifth category - «catastrophic».

This means that winds in this tropical cyclone can reach speeds in excess of 98 m/s.

«As a doctor, I have been trained to withstand many things, but never prepared for anything like this. This is a deadly storm, a monster storm»," The New York Times quoted Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis as saying.

The bad news is that «Dorian» is moving slowly and continues to gain momentum. Although strong tropical storms are typical of the region and preparations have been made for the arrival «Dorian» strong winds that have not stopped for a long time, combined with flooding caused by the downpour, will cause severe damage to the islands.

According to Minnis, cited by the New York Times, 73,000 residents could be affected by the disaster. Parts of Abaco Islands' largest city, Marsh Harbor, are already flooded.

Residents of Grand Bahama were evacuated the day before to«the island's capital,» Freeport. However, some brave people still refused to leave their homes and take shelter in a safer area, arguing that their homes were built with the expectation of«survival mode».

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