British sailors disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean

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On Friday, May 16, the crew of the boat Cheeky Rafiki (model Beneteau First, 40.7 feet long), traveling from Antigua to Europe, reported that the boat was leaking. The sailors remained in contact with rescuers for the rest of the day, but then communication broke down. The four sailors have since been reported missing.

U.S. and British rescuers who came to the rescue of the ship, explored the area of about 4 thousand square miles (about 10 thousand square kilometers), but did not find any trace of Cheeky Rafiki. The search was suspended on Sunday.

This is partly due to the changeable weather, which has allowed rescue services to assume that the chances of survival of the navigators are small.

At the same time, family and friends of the missing do not believe the sailors are dead. The crew of the Cheeky Rafiki participated in Antigua Sailing Week and consisted of experienced sailors - many are convinced that when the vessel sank, the men moved to the life raft. There are persistent demands to resume the search. How the US and UK authorities will respond remains to be seen.

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