Christophe Harbour Marina has a Russian-language website

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Developers of one of the largest marinas in the Caribbean - Christophe Harbour - have launched the official Russian-language website of the project. It is located at

«Christophe Harbour» is a unique marina on the southeast coast of St. Kitts. It is an ideal port of call, a participant in the government's program «Obtaining citizenship through investment».

It is possible to become a resident of the island state by purchasing a villa, a plot of land or even a berth at Christophe Harbour on St. Kitts.

Marina also has all necessary for a comfortable stay: berths for yachts, luxury hotels and entertainment facilities.

Recall that the largest marina in the Eastern Caribbean began its official life on June 21. The first vessels will be able to park in the marina in early 2015 - just in time for the height of the yachting season.

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