Cocaine boat

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The 62-foot sailing yacht Makayabella, built by the Naval Cantiere shipyard in 1986, was found to be carrying €80 million worth of cocaine on board.

Three British smugglers made themselves comfortable on the boat, which was completely restyled in 2001. On board the Makayabella there is a dining area that seats 10 people, two single and two double cabins, each with a separate bathroom, telephone, computer, TV and DVD player. The smugglers also had fishing gear, desalination units, water skis and scuba diving equipment. They were, however, unable to fully utilize all of these assets when the Irish Coast Guard intercepted the yacht off the coast of County Cork. The warship escorted the boat toHolbowlin Island, where this photo was taken.Apparently the three sailors will now have to make do with the comforts of a prison cell.

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