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What, where and how is arranged on board «glass» superyacht

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Glass and a superyacht. It would seem that what can be common between them. In fact they have more in common than you might think. Just look at the 90m DAR built by Dutch Oceanco.

Handed over to her owner in July, she is officially one of the world's two hundred largest superyachts. The four-deck steel shark, which is what the massive oceanic predator looks like from the front, doesn't look so heavy and clumsy as the designer Luiz de Basto did what many of his colleagues would never do.

Tinted glass with a mirror effect envelops almost the entire aluminum superstructure.

«You can see Monaco, but Monaco can't see you»," quips Louise de Basto.

The superyacht will be making frequent appearances in the Principality's harbour . Ziyad Manassir. - by a Russian billionaire born in Jordan.

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