WASA 41 Specifications

The WASA 41 is produced by the brand WASA WASA 41 is a 12.49 meters sport keel monotype with a draft of 2.18 meters. The base price of a new WASA 41 is not currently published, please contact the itBoat team for pricing details.

12.49m  / 41'
3.70m  / 12' 2"
2.18m  / 7' 2"
Displacement, t
5.85 (half load)
Fuel capacity, l
Manufacturer Data
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WASA 41 Overview

The Wasa 41 marked the transition from outdated IOR rules to modern IMS. Maintaining the ideology of a family cruiser with good racing capabilities, the Wasa Yachts specialists have created a new boat that is already openly positioned as a racing boat. Cruising qualities came second - the very first yacht to be built had a racing interior with lightweight hanging bunks and minimal trim.
This radicalism was later found to be superfluous, and for subsequent builds the deckhouse height had to be increased slightly to give more space in the sub-deck areas. However, even with a normal«cruising» interior, the boat has retained its excellent racing potential - the 5,850 kilos displacement is quite small for a 40-foot cruiser. And if we also take into account the fact that the share of ballast in the boat's displacement is 45 percent, the appearance of the tiger in sheep«'s skin becomes» clear.

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