Bavaria Easy 9.7 Specifications

The Bavaria Easy 9.7 was produced by the brand Bavaria Yachts from 2015 to 2022. Bavaria Easy 9.7 is a 9.99 meters deysailer with 2 guest cabins and a draft of 1.95 meters. The yacht has a fiberglass / grp hull with a CE certification class (B) and can navigate no further than 200 miles off the coastline. The Bavaria Easy 9.7 is no longer in production and the price of used models varies. Please contact the itBoat team for more information on used yachts and pricing details.

9.99m  / 32' 10"
3.42m  / 11' 3"
1.95m  / 6' 5"
Deadweight, t
Fuel capacity, l
Water tank, l
Cabins & Passenger Capacity
Berths for guests
Rigging and keel
Single-masted (sloop)
CE class
B - Sea
Hull type
Hull material
Fiberglass / GRP
Modern / Mainstream
Type by usage
Deck arrangement
With mediterranean cockpit
Manufacturer Data
Easy 9.7
Period of manufacture
2015 – 2022
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Bavaria Easy 9.7 Overview

Exterior and interior design...

In 2015, the German Bavaria introduced a new sailing boat with the Mediterranean cockpit EASY 9.7. The 10 meter long yacht is a cut version of the Cruiser 33. The manufacturer has removed the portholes from the hull, with a matrix underneath, and no second roof hatch. Exteriors and interiors are decorated ascetic and as simple as possible, while cheaper does not mean worse: the quality of assembly remained at the same level.

Amenities on board

It is difficult to call a yacht a cruise in the basic configuration, it is more of a daysailer, as there is no necessary «living wage. The galley has no refrigerator or stove, the aft and forward cabins have no doors. There is only one winch in the cockpit and there is no table in the cockpit to work with the ends. However, if you choose the Easy Living option package, all these problems are solved and the boat turns into a good cruiser.


EASY 9.7 attracts with its price: the new boat is cheaper than «classmates», but even the basic set has a lot of nice chips. These include pleasant deck lighting, water desalination, tachometer on the dashboard, etc. Also, do not forget the high ceilings below deck, a separate bathroom and comfortable beds.

Swimming area

The boat is certified for small sea voyages, it will interest people who prefer to travel alone or in close family circle. However, it is possible to spend another week on it, but without additional options it will be difficult.

Bavaria Easy 9.7 Documents

Download PDF documents for the Bavaria Easy 9.7 model including brochures with standard specifications, price lists featuring optional upgrades, performance charts and test drive data along with a range of scanned articles offering in-depth reviews and expert opinions.