Retiree turned a van into a catamaran

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Peter Thurston, a pensioner from the county of Swale in the county of Kent in Great Britain, has crossed a catamaran and a van. His creation is called Catamavan (from catamaran and caravan) in English.

The 80-year-old yachtsman built a discarded van onto the hull of a catamaran, creating a comfortable home on the water with a cooker, fridge, double bed, two tables, shower and toilet.

The result is a 24-foot-long eccentric design with a small deck and a low enclosure. «The clever craftsman rigged it with an outboard engine, which allows the catamaran» to accelerate to four knots. To protect the craft from rapid flooding, the man filled its hulls with empty plastic bottles.

«I wanted something on a good, stable platform and at the same time very comfortable, because all my boats before that were small and cramped," Thurston says. - I can't afford a cruiser with a cabin, so I came up with this alternative».

He spent about £5,000 (itBoat: about RUR 402,258 at current exchange rates) on his boat: £4,000 on the catamaran part and £1,000 on the old van.

The yachtsman does not plan to goto sea on the budget boat: he uses the vessel only on the river in his native area.

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