Vladimir Putin descended to the bottom of the Black Sea in a superyacht bathyscaphe

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Vladimir Putin dived to the bottom of the Black Sea on the mini-submarine U-Boat Worx. The Russian President dived to a depth of 83 meters near Sevastopol and examined the sunken 11th century galleon, discovered in May by the research club «Rostov-Dive».

The expedition was organised by the club together with the Russian Geographical Society. Asked about his impressions of the dive, Vladimir Putin noted that it was «interesting».

Luxury submarine C-Explorer 3 with an acrylic hull and a 360-degree view by U-Boat Worx is designed for diving to 300 meters with a duration of up to 16 hours and can take up to three people on board.

Vladimir Putin arrived at the dive site on a flybridge yacht, resembling boats from Sunseeker shipyard.

This is not the first time the Russian president has made deep-sea dives: in 2009, he plunged to the bottom of Lake Baikal to a depth of nearly 2 thousand meters on Russian deep-sea submersibles «Mir», and in 2011, he dived to the bottom of the Taman Gulf.

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