«Battleship» won bronze in the World Championship in the TP52 class

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The Russian team «Battleship» won the bronze medal in the penultimate stage of the TP52 Super Series, which was also combined with the world championship in the TP52 class. The regatta was held in Mallorca from 25 to 29 August.

The team showed the best result during the competition on the fourth day of the regatta. The Russians won the race for the first and only time at this stage, and rose to third place in the standings.

At that point,«Armadillo» had two or three more races to go before the end of the stage. Due to the arrival of a thunderstorm front with gale force winds on August 27, the competition was suspended and the missed two starts could make up for the remaining two days. One such «extra» race, which the Russians won, was held just on August 28.

»Before the decisive day only four points separated «Armadillo from second place, which was taken by the Italian team Azzurra. The German Platoon crew came in first place seven points behind Azzurra. The British Alegre crew came in fourth place, four points behind the Russian team. «Platoon had a theoretical chance to win» until the seventh position in the standings, where reigning champion American Quantum Rasing is situated.

However, none of the competitors managed to use this chance. The last two races of the stage reduced the gap between the leaders, but did not change the balance of power. Platoon became the winner of the stage (and the world champion) with a 2-point gap. The Platoon crew had a lot of nerves on this day. First the team earned a penalty in the pre-start procedure of the first race, then two more penalties and two penalty points for a collision with Quantum Racing.

Azzurra and«Armadillo» were «silver» and«bronze» medalists respectively by a margin of one point.

This is the first World Championship medal in the history of«Armadillo».

Team Sled of the United States ousted Team Alegre from fourth to fifth place by winning the last race of the stage.

However, the highlight of the last two days of the regatta was probably not the top three or even the top five teams. The Turkish Provezza crew made a stunning display of professionalism.

Their boat lost its mast at the start of the very first race of the stage and the crew missed the first 4 of the 9 races. Thanks to a stormy time-out on the third day of competition and parts borrowed from other teams, the technicians were able to put a new mast up and Provezza was back on the start line on 28 August.

Despite the drastic changes to the boat, in the remaining 5 races the Turkish team managed to come third three times and even win the race once! As a result, Provezza is now in 9th place at the end of the stage. Their result is 12 points better than the British Gladiator crew and 15 points better than the French Team Vision Future. At the same time both teams, that finished 10th and 11th, took part in all races of the stage.

The final TP52 Super Series will be held in Porto Cervo, Italy, at the end of September. In the overall season ranking first place before the last stage of the Italian Azzurra, second place with a 6-point gap - German Platoon, and the third with a gap of another 5 points - American Quantum Rasing. The fourth position is 6 points separating the Russian team from the top three. Provezza closes the top five teams. « Armadillo» is 9 points ahead of its Turkish rivals.

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