The «boat carrier», adapted for transportation of large yachts, appeared in Russia

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Logex, which specializes in yacht transportation, has a new Volvo FH13 8×4 tractor with a Faymonville Megamax semi-trailer. The tractor is part of the 2014 model range, and has not been introduced in Russia before.

With its help yachts up to 25 meters long and up to 40 tons can be transported.

There is no height restriction for vessel's dimensions - semi-trailer frame construction allows you to install a boat with a ground clearance of 3-5 cm.

Another feature of the vehicle is a possibility to set any ground clearance in transport position in the range from 0 to 40 centimeters due to the hydraulic suspension. This will enable the boat to be raised and lowered if necessary. For example, when passing a railway crossing or driving under a bridge.

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