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While German concerns have been unsparingly acquiring famous British brands wherever they can, the British have struck a powerful counterstrike. On January 31st all the formalities of the acquisition by the British investment fund Star Capital Partners of all the civil shipbuilding capacities of the famous Blohm+Voss shipyards, which are now part of ThyssenKrupp. The British bought all the main assets: Blohm+Voss Shipyards, Blohm+Voss Repair, Blohm+Voss Oil Tools and Blohm+Voss Industries. ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems itself, which previously included all these companies, is going to concentrate solely on naval shipbuilding.

The situation is quite interesting from the point of view of financial flows and industry in general. The Germans, who never followed the strategy «post-industrial economy», tried to retain all major industries and their capacities as much as possible. Moreover, in recent years they were quite successful in getting their hands on famous European brands (not only British) by transferring production to their country. And now here's the reciprocal move.
It is clear that this deal should not be considered only in the context of the old historic standoff between Britain and Germany, but nevertheless voices are already heard in Germany that the country has sold its main shipbuilding asset to its long-time geopolitical rival. On the other hand, shipyards are not moving anywhere, but new investment in them never hurts.

So for the time being the situation looks like the result of that famous Dogger Bank battle - who won who is still unknown...

P.S. However, a question arises - why has ThyssenKrupp decided to concentrate its efforts exclusively on military shipbuilding? Do they know something that we do not? Interesting...

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