Kayak sleds will be back on the market

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Klepper resumes sales of an unusual product for outdoor enthusiasts - the collapsible Backyackconstruction.

When assembled, the construction can become a 17.7-foot kayak for two adults and one child or two 8.8-foot kayaks. Putting the two kayaks together, side by side, results in a «floating sandek». Adding a sail to the «sandek» produces a catamaran sailboat. Besides, you can attach skids to the kayak so it turns into a sledge and becomes suitable for winter sports.

The device and all its components are packed into two boxes, resembling large drums of 10 kg each. Two people are needed to transport and assemble the product.

Backyack is not a novelty, but for some time the device could not be purchased due to manufacturing problems. Now the manufacturer is planning to restart the device. Market launch is likely to take place in April. The cost of the product will start from €5 thousand.

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